Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scrappy Fabric Buckets

I have wanted to make some black, white, and red fabric buckets out of my scraps ever since I made some from mini charm packs last fall.  

So one day when my mom was over quilting, I pulled out some 2.5 inch square scraps and sewed them together.  

They turned out so cute!

One went home with my mother and the other stayed with me.  Her favorite color is red and she also loves the black, white, and red color combination.  

I had just showed my mom a super cute mini quilt that Sandra made for me, so I had her on my mind.  I know her favorite color combination is blue and green.  I had to drop everything and make a bucket for her out of my aqua, green, and navy scraps.  Those scraps were little 1.5 inch strings.  I decided to piece them through the batting in a quilt as you go fashion.  

Then I squared it up at 8.5 by 6.5 with 2 inch squares cut out of the corners.  I remembered that I already had some quilted fabric left over from my Tiara cover and trimmed that to size as well.  

I sewed it together and added a binding scrap to the top.  I love how it turned out and Sandra does too.  ;)  

I think it is cute even on the bottom of the bucket.  

There are some great patterns already written if you would like to make a similar fabric bucket or thread catcher.  


P.S.  I will be linking up with Oh Scrap and Sandra's next Dreami Party.  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

May and June Decor

{Plus What I've Been Up To...}

May is my purple and green month.

It is also my anniversary, Mother's Day, birthday month.  That totally makes me deserve my favorite color on the mantle.  ;)  The great room now has new furniture.

I fell in love with this piece of furniture at the store.  My husband even said, "That would look really good filled with your quilts."  Isn't he a sweetheart?

We also got new leather sofas.  

That was our anniversary gift to each other.  The reason why we got new furniture there and also why I have been so busy is because we have also finished our basement!!!  We did as much of the work ourselves as we could.  It is wonderful having such a handy husband.

The entertainment center and sectional are now in the finished basement.

I love having the quilt ladder full of quilts again.  (Here is the tutorial for building it.)

Also in the same room is my quilt cabinet.  (Through the entry on the right is a future kitchen, so I guess the basement is not 100% finished.)

Gotta have a lot of places to keep/store/display quilts, right?

With so many quilts out on display throughout the house, I didn't actually change very much for June.  Really, I only changed the mantle to blue and green for June.

After the basement was finished, we have spent a lot of time working in the yard.  My husband also built these awesome garden boxes.

I'd like to think that with the basement practically finished and the yard/garden more complete that I'd have more time for quilting, sewing, and blogging.  But it is summer which is a fun family filled time.  Family will always come first.  Blogging will probably still be sporadic.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer (or winter on the other side of the world).


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Teaching my Sister

I spent a lot of time over spring break teaching one of my sisters how to machine quilt on the Bernina Q24.  She had previously hand quilted a couple quilts and machine quilted some small quilts on her domestic sewing machine.

She brought over a couple 60 inch wide pieces of flannel and some batting.  We loaded them on the frames and she started quilting after doodling designs on paper.  She had so much fun and even added extra shapes like stars and flowers between her wiggles and loops.

I think quilting in rows is a great way to start with free motion quilting because you know where you are going and it is easier to fill the space evenly.

The flannel was a great first quilt.  Her second quilt on the frames is the Eagle Scout quilt made from the panel by Riley Blake.  She added some extra borders not included in the free pattern to make it a little longer.

She did an amazing job custom quilting the quilt.  She even learned to love using rulers to quilt on the longarm.  She used the rulers for circles, stitching in the ditch, wavy lines, and straight lines.

I am so impressed with her second machine quilted quilt!  You can really see the designs she used on the minky backing.

She used her Cricut to cut out the BSA fleur de lis.  She traced it onto the outer border with a blue water soluble marker.

The large eagle in the panel was my favorite part.

Quilting with my sister was so much fun and my kids enjoyed all the time with their cousins.

I wish all my students could catch on as quickly as my sister.  I am so proud of her.  Didn't she do an amazing job?


Monday, April 24, 2017

April Decor

April has been a crazy busy month without as much quilting for me.  However, I still wanted to share my spring/April quilty decorations.  My family room is decorated with yellow, purple, and pink accents.

I am really enjoying changing up the bunting/banner every month.

Panda didn't think I had enough Easter decorations, so he made some for me.  I love this little duck he made without any instructions.

The little bunny and eggs he made are so sweet.

Okay, back to the quilts.  ;)  I have a purple and yellow jellybean table runner on the entertainment center and Spring Sorbet on the shelf.

I have a purple and yellow table runner in my kitchen.

There are a couple more spring quilts by the stairs.

The upstairs landing didn't change very much.  Quilts with minky on the back, like Springtime Race, have a tendency to wander around the house.  ;)

I wanted to hang Dancing Daisies in the formal living room, but the pastel colors did not look good with the black furniture and drapes.  I think the black and red is there to stay.  It is still one of my favorite color combinations.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are having a great month.


Friday, March 31, 2017

My Nephew's First Quilt

This is my nephew Mr. C's first quilt.  My mother and I put together a few different boy kits for basic Turning 20 quilts and he chose this blue, green, and gray kit. I helped him cut it out and decide on a layout on my mom's new design wall.  Then my mom helped him sew it all together by pinning and pressing.

My mom usually starts similar quilts with the granddaughters when they turn thirteen, but only recently offered to teach the grandsons.  Mr. C was the first after Cheetah to make his quilt.   He is a senior in high school.  We learned that he was always a little jealous of his cousins and sisters who were given the chance earlier.  So my mom is grateful she listened to my suggestion and offered to teach the grandsons.  Three more of my nephews have expressed interest and will be making similar quilts soon.

I quilted it for him on the Bernina Q24 with the Q-matic (computerized quilting).  While I absolutely love free motion quilting, some designs look a little better with the computer.  (It is also nice to let the computer do the quilting when you have a nasty cold.)

Mr. C chose this fun boxy meander design.

I think it looks great on such a masculine quilt.

He also asked me to finish the binding for him which I did completely by machine.

I am so proud of him!  His quilt turned out awesome.

We bought a 90 inch wide gray minky for the back of his quilt.

I love how the quilting design shows up on the minky.

What a fun quilt with lots of memories.

I will always remember how appreciative he was every step of the way.  It is always nice being told that you are an amazing aunt, right?


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out to see what other quilters are making.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bindings Galore

I mentioned in a previous post that my pile of unbound baby blankets was growing.  I had four at the time which were all quilted with the Q-matic on the Bernina Q24.

My pile doubled in size before I started on the bindings.

Two of the boy blankets (on the left) were quilted free-motion to try new types of thread.  Two were quilted with the Q-matic (on the right).  It took about half of the time to free-motion quilt them than for the computer to quilt them.  However, I can't free-motion quilt such cute lizards or such perfect squares and rectangles.  I definitely think that both types of quilting have their place.

I think there is a reason why I usually work on one quilt at a time.  Binding eight quilts at once wasn't nearly as much fun as quilting them!

I have already used the computerized boxy meander design on my nephew's quilt.  Hopefully life will get a little less crazy and I will have more time for blogging and playing in my studio.